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Romuald Rants

4 October 1965
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Romuald was born into a ne'er-do-well wizard family in a small village near York. His father, Grotius Creeper, is a petty criminal who has recently been released from Azkaban having completed his sentence for dealing in fraudulent artifacts. In the meantime his mother, Gisele (nee Coverdale) has scraped by working a series of menial jobs at minimal pay to keep house and home for Romuald and his two older sisters. He loves his family, he is nevertheless ashamed of their low social status and feels that he has been cheated out of his rightful position in wizarding society. Driven by an inward fear that he is truly deserving of his family's low reputation, he will stop at nothing to advance his standing in the eyes of his peers.

Romuald's first magical experience occurred on his seventh birthday. Unable to blow out the jinxed trick candles on his birthday cake, he threw a temper tantrum which resulted in his eyebrows being singed off. It took weeks for them to regrow, and he endured endless ribbing from his sisters about it. Consequently, his family do not trust him around open flames.

Romuald was surprised when the sorting hat assigned him to Slytherin, but he followed the examples of his housemates and soon learned to fit in. In his first year he discovered an aptitude for potions and herbology, but his real fascination is with care of magical creatures. His boyhood occupation of catching newts and toads for 'experiments' has begun to bloom into a real ambition for working with more dangerous creatures. His life's dream is to work as a dragon handler.